Sunday, July 28, 2019

Nuclear Fuel Cycle Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Nuclear Fuel Cycle - Research Paper Example This paper discusses about the various stages of the nuclear cycle and the safety aspects present in it. Nuclear energy is a part of the world’s Energy mix. The nuclear fuel cycle is the series of different stages that lead to the production of Power from the Uranium in the nuclear power reactors. A secure and adequate supply of energy is required for the world and that is promised by the Nuclear power systems. The nuclear fuel cycle starts with the extraction of the raw materials from the earth. The process of conversion of the raw material into the primary fuel is the next step, followed by the production of the energy from the source. The spent fuel and the final waste are processed, conditioned and recycled to derive more energy form the fuel. Finally the spent fuel is disposed as waste into the geosphere. The spent fuel has the greater chance for emitting the radiations; hence utmost care should be taken for the proper disposal. The production of energy from nuclear fuels is increasing because of the amount of energy that uranium can produce (1 gram of nuclear fuel produces 9 x 10 13 joules of energy) and also from the reliability of the source and the recyclability of the fuel. For long term sustainable energy production, nuclear fuel is the best source. (OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, Trends on the nuclear fuel cycle). The cost for the power plants are very high, but when compared to the other power sources, the availability of the raw material land the future scope is more for this technology. The OECD Nuclear energy agency has given the various activities that together make up the fuel cycle as follows: 1. The mining and milling of Uranium. 2. Uranium refining and followed by the conversion to uranium hexafluoride. 3. Enriching the Uranium. 4. Fuel fabrication. 5. The reactor operation 6. Storage of the spent fuel. 7. Reprocessing of the spent fuel. 8. Decommissioning nuclear

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