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Exploring a qualitative research problem Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Exploring a qualitative research problem - Essay Example A quantitative research method would use cause and effect thinking or would employ reduction of specific variables, hypothesis and questions. This paper will analyze three journals that have been written to discuss the obesity case and will look at the author’s framework of the problem, their purpose of the study and their rationale towards selection of the qualitative method. Ferda from the economics department in the Yeditebe University executed a research on the issue of obesity in Finland (Ferda, 2013). The research was aimed at finding out the causes of obesity in Finland that had become a national concern since every for every five people in the country two people were obese. The purpose of the research was to study the dynamics of obesity in Finland and provide evidence on how temporal obesity relates with health expenditure of the country and of individual persons (Ferda, 2013). The research also examined how unemployment was related to obesity since most of the unemployed people in the country were obese. Ferda also wanted to find out if urbanization had an impact or the rising cases of obese people living in urban centre in Finland. The research also was aimed at investigating how alcohol consumption and intake of calories, that were popular practices in Finland, led to obesity (Ferda, 2013). The researcher selected the qualitative method since the causes of obesity lied within the people and the best source of information was from the people themselves through simple methods such as interviews. The research also used testing and augmented causality tests to provide information on the possible causes of obesity on randomly selected people. According to my opinion, cases of obesity do not occur naturally since they are caused by the behavior of the person in terms of their food and beverage consumption. The qualitative research approach that the user used by

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