Monday, August 12, 2019

Negotiating with East Asians Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Negotiating with East Asians - Article Example The present research has identified that IBN is basically a kind of communication that often occurs between one or more parties to assist them to deal with those issues that are agreeable among themselves as well as those that bring forth some kind of drift. Some of the countries chosen for the research carried out so that the Asian business community can be understood better are, China, Japan, and Korea. These are amongst those countries that trade so often with the United States of America and also have closely linked cultural backgrounds. In as far as the negotiation procedures between the two are concerned; several disparities were found to exist in East Asia that is not there in America. These include; The East Asians attend meetings in large numbers. This is the same for all from the three studied countries. Although their reasons vary, for instance, the Japanese attend in large numbers because they believe that no single individual has the capacity to understand the whole comp any thus represent it in full confidence in any meeting to the Chinese putting hierarchical meaning to the number, having much regard for ranks and the power that comes with it. The Americans avoid such numbers due to several reasons such as to cut down on the expense associated with large numbers of avoiding group disagreements because they are eager to close a negotiation as fast as possible. In East Asia, the majority of those in meetings happen to be men. They give little regard to their female counterparts and whatever input they might have in as far as the meetings are concerned as stated by Hofstede, G. Due the there been the complete opposite of such perceptions in America, it is often quite common for their Asian partners to assume that the American women present in the boardroom are assistants or secretaries thus find it repulsive if these women participated in any manner whatsoever. The East Asians are known to arrive in any meeting fully conversant with their partnerâ₠¬â„¢s background, from professional such as work experience to the level of study as well personal information such as what they like to eat and do at their free time. The Americans do not have this tradition to be over-indulged in their partners lives thus are always caught unaware at most times.

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